A new Anglican mission
For East-Central Tucson, Arizona

Sunday Services Launching!

Launching Sundays - Beginning December 3rd, 2023 -  10:00AM
For location information and directions please email us!

Gathering Around Good News

We are a church for the Unchurched, the Dechurched, and those "Broken By the Church." If that message resonates with you, and for information on our values and vision as a mission work, please fill out the contact form below! 

Come and See

We are a gathering of folks in the Central Tucson area who are in the earliest days of proclaiming the good news of Jesus as an Anglican Church plant.

Like many in Tucson, we have very different stories and values, but when we gather as an aspiring church, we gather around these core truths: weakness, grace and vocation.

Weakness, because we need a place where we can be honest about who we are and seek mercy and healing, trusting that such a place is where the Holy Spirit meets us.

Grace, because God's grace is certain—and central—in everything we do and are. God's grace in Jesus Christ is the church's strong foundation and our central message.

Vocation, because when all is accomplished in Jesus; when all striving has ceased and we are unconditionally embraced, the only thing left to do is love our neighbors, in new, bold, and even risky ways.

If these values resonate with you, we warmly invite you to “come and see!”



We’d Love to Get to Know You.